Classical Guitar Strings Will Make A Different Sound From The Acoustic Guitar

For you who want to start learning to play guitar, the best choice is start with classical guitar. Guitars, is musical string instrument that has 6 strings. Every string held its own note. Even though there are other four up to eighteen strings are available, the common type is the 6 strings classical guitar.

The strings from the old classical guitar are made of animal gut. Natural fibers that found in the wall of animals intestines are prepared to make a cord out of it. Animals gut that have been used to make guitar strings are cattle, hogs, sheep, donkey or mules. Now, the strings are made of nylon.

Because of the nylon soft characteristic, the classical guitar strings has been known to help many beginners from all range of age learn the correct finger and hand technique playing the guitar. The steel made of acoustic guitar strings is usually thinner and sharper, thus make your fingers hurt then bleed easily.

The sound that produced from the steel and the nylon are also different. The steel from acoustic guitar are usually makes twangy and bright sound and resonate longer than the classical ones. The nylon on classical guitar makes the sound thicker, mellower and even softer than acoustic guitars.

If you want to learn the composition of Francisco Tárrega or play the famous Romance d’Amour, the best guitar you should play with is the classical guitar. The acoustic guitars with steel strings are played by many pop musicians such as The Beatles or Oasis. It is important what kind of music you really want to mastered because each guitar produce different sounds that serves different purpose.

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