Other simple tips to treat the frequent urination that you can do at home

There are a lot of health problems that could disturb a person when that person is doing the everyday necessity such as working, relaxing, and much more. However, one of the most problematic and annoying health problems is the frequent urination. Not only that you will go back and forth to the toilet so often, it’s also difficult for you to concentrate on whatever you’re doing due to the urge to pee. In order to prevent that, the best urologist in bangalore is very happy to share some info with you about the simple tips to treat the frequent urination at home.

Here are the simple tips to treat the frequent urination at home :

Consume the cranberry juice and basil leaves.

This will help to fight the infection, especially if you’ve got the bladder infection. Besides, from the cranberry juice, you can also use other choices such as mixing the basil leaves juice with honey and the basil leaves drink that has been mixed with honey each time your stomach is empty. This juice also helps you to fight the infection in the bladder.

Consume the roasted horse grams

The horse gram has been considered as the great medicine to treat the urination problems, due to it’s rich with the molybdenum calcium, iron and polyphenol with the high amount of anti-oxidant. You can roast a little bit of horse gram and consume it with the jaggery. Keep consume the horse grams for several days to get the best results.

Consume the sesame seeds

It’s the source of many vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidant that’s effective, it’s the sesame seed. The sesame seeds that mixed with the jaggery is a very effective way to control the excessive of urine flows.

The frequent urination is not a normal problem but it could affect someone’s activity. This could also indicate the basic health problems. At least the home treatment will help you to reduce the problems that you’ve suffered. Consult a urologist if you’ve got the frequent urination for days or even weeks.

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