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Clerk jobs

Here are some clerk jobs but not all of it for sure because it is depending on the court. Each court has a different process of the trial because basically, the process in court is not regulated by government and laws.

First, the clerk of courts has to make the schedule for all clerks member from the chief clerks to the clerk reserves. It is required to prevent anything that could happen. If there is one member of clerks can not come to the court, the clerk’s team already has a substitution.

Second, they have to follow and recording the court process from the beginning until the end. They should not be passed one session and because their opinion can help the judge to make a decision. If they pass one session in the trial, they do not have a permission to give advice to the judge because it does not meet the requirements. If they want they want to have the right to help judge, they do not have pass even one session.

Third, they have to carry, store and maintain the case files because it is one of the considerations that will be used in deciding cases. If the clerk can do this job properly, they will get a serious problem because it is an important duty. Not only related to the people but it also related to the judges because they could not give a decision and opinion if they do not know about the evidence while the shreds of evidence and other files are not properly maintained.
Fourth, they are responsible to manage the court fee because it includes to the administration work they had to do. They will manage all payment that needed. Therefore, they are required to be able to manage the finances well.

So, how do you think about they work? Interesting, is not it?

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