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The use of asbestos

For some people who lived in Asia and African maybe, they are probably very familiar with asbestos because they are still using it as a building material. Asbestos is not a hazardous material before 1980 because it is still used as a building material. When in 1980, many countries have banned the use of asbestos. Besides dangerous to the respiratory, asbestos is also dangerous to the health of the eye and retina. As we know asbestos is not a material that is soft and smooth rough edges rough and therefore extremely dangerous for the organs.

Some people call mesothelioma attorney because they want to get the compensation for their hurt. After banning the use of asbestos, the government instructed people to use safer materials and harmless to body but still many people who violate the prohibition on the government to keep using asbestos in their building materials. A penalty that could be obtained by people who violate it can be quite severe. in addition, to indemnifying the victims, they are also the fines from the state.

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