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How to catch a grouper fish in the estuary

The grouper fish is commonly often to be found in the rocky waters. It has the passive, territorial, and lazy to hunt characteristics. This fish only come out from its lair if it is really hungry. If you’re looking for the best fishing trips in the middle eastern sea, the deep sea fishing in dubai would be the unforgettable experience for you and your angler friends.

Here are the tips to catch a grouper

1. Find the fishing spot

Just like what we’ve mentioned above, the natural habitat of the grouper fish is the rocky waters. So it’s recommended for you to fish on the rocky shores. Just like in the estuary or on the pier. Try your best to avoid fishing too close to the center of the sea which only has sands and no rocks in it.

2. Use the seducing bait

Grouper is a carnivore fish. That’s mean you got to rely on the “meat” bait in order to attract this fish. It’s recommended for you to use the slices of squid, shrimps, or tuna due to those three have the stench that could attract the passive grouper fish. While for the live bait, try to use shrimp, torpedo scad, or the small red snapper fish.

3. The right fishing application

Most of the angler applied the casting technique to catch the grouper fish. After finding an ideal location, the angler would stay on the rocky shores. The challenge is started when the fish strikes, where the grouper have the decent strength and it’s rounded shape make it hard to pull them. Even when the fish is able to snatch the bait and take it into the coral, it isn’t rare for us to let it go it’s because of pulling the line under this condition is dangerous. That’s why the early seconds when the strikes started is determining the success rate of your fight with the grouper fish.

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